Xavier Cornille is a passionate pianist who, after meeting success in the creation of his first company in Dubai, realized that the commercial fibre and the business world had become his hobby.

For the story, he created “Private Piano Lessons” in 2014 with the help of Sergio his PRO at that time and now his friend. Thanks to a lot of work, it quickly met a great success.

In response to the varied and growing demand for French-speaking coaches, he created the company SAM with Sergio and José in 2016. The anagram of S.A.M. originally means: Sport, Art, Music. Since then we have extended our support to all trades, the idea being to allow talented professionals from all trades to practice in Dubai.

Through meetings and business ideas, each one more interesting than the other, Xavier is interested by developing entrepreneurs and start-ups from all horizons, eager to come and try the adventure. 

“What makes SAM rich, is our diversity, our responsiveness and our encounters”