Because of the close and privileged relationships he has built with our clients and local partners since 2012, José is the Ambassador of SAM Relocation Group, our magician! 

Always on the move, he can solve the inextricable situations our clients face. As a connoisseur of the UAE bureaucracy, he often anticipates the delays and disillusionments that are common for those who embark on the adventure on their own. José is also an inexhaustible source of knowledge. Gifted with a personality conducive to discussion. He is never short of advices for those who seek not only to try their luck in the UAE but also and especially to stay there for good. 

José and his different lives before SAM relocation Group makes him a key member of the team. He will advise and connect you with the right people.

You can also count on José for the the relocation of your business and family, the interior design of your offices and residences and so many other things, …. So José has not finished surprising you and you will not even realize it as long as he knows to be modest and attentive!

José is fluent in Portuguese, English, French…