Specialized in development consulting and project management, Audrey has worked for more than 15 years in diplomacy and humanitarian fields (Asia, Africa, Americas, Middle East) before applying her expertise as export development consulting and organizational coaching for the private sector.

In Sam Relocation Group, Audrey is in charge of reporting on behalf of all and ensuring that the commitments have been, are and will be met. Her role is also to anticipate your needs and to ensure the reactivity of SAM Relocation Group in accordance with our commitments of quality and competitiveness.

Used to dealing with emergencies as well as long term development projects, she will be your interlocutor at every moment. She will also advise you to optimize your functioning and your positioning in the market among other things…

As long-time expatriate, international mobility is a  part of her way of living and surviving…! She lives with her family and has been working in Dubai since 2015.

Audrey is fluent in French, English and Spanish.